Sonic the Hamilton 2: HD

say what you will about Charles Hamilton, but the fact of the matter is, many of his projects are dope. One of the better ones in my opinion, was Charles' "Sonic the Hamilton" with Dj Skee during "The Hamiltonazation Process" in which CH put out 8 nice concept tapes. This is the part 2 to that tape. Much like "well, this isn't awkward", the sequel to "Well isn't this awkward?", this sequel does not dissappoint. Half of them are not Sonic themed but are very interesting very original songs. The second half has alot of sonic and video game samples.

the tracklist doesnt really have individual names but instead makes a story when read in order. the tracklist is next to pointless to post, but u will see it upon download

....or if u missed it up there, u can download by...


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